Art of Chinese Calligraphy in Shandong Culture Week

Art of Chinese Calligraphy in Shandong Culture Week

by Culture Liverpool

Shandong Yue Zuoquan Culture and Art Exhibition comes to Liverpool to explore and celebrate the distinguished tradition and modern vitality of both the region and its art with a collection of Chinese calligraphy.

The exhibition is FREE and open to public for a very limited time between from 2 November to 5 November 2018 at St Georges’ Hall, Liverpool. Featuring approximately forty calligraphic art pieces and paintings newly produced by the Shandong-born-and-raised contemporary calligrapher Yue Zuoquan.

Location: St George’s Hall
Date: Friday 2 November – Monday 5 November
Times: 10am – 5pm

The exhibition is envisioned to offer a rare look into the cultural legacy of Chinese calligraphy whose richness and profoundness are demonstrated in their aesthetic diversity: official or clerical style, regular script, running script and their variants, finished and mounted in different formats including hanging scrolls, handscrolls and fan leaves. The artefacts cover a wide span of topics: some express the poets’ admiration of Taihang Mountain; some showcase the centuries-old wisdom of Chinese intellects in moral and spiritual cultivation; some pray for the well-being of humanity in general, while others respond to the occasion of the event, highlighting the importance of harmonious relationship with good neighbour, emphasising the value of love, virtue and hardworking, and encouraging the awareness of cooperation on global scale.

Come and see an exhibition aimed to mark and strengthen the economic and cultural connections between Liverpool and Shandong, as our China Dream celebrations come to a close. Confirm your attendance on our Eventbrite Page here.


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