LIMF Academy: Songs of Equality

LIMF Academy have launched a new creative series called SONGS OF EQUALITY. As part of this Academy artists past and present will REMIX / REFIX an existing song that is themed around EQUALITY. They have only 48 hours to create the new song which must be a rework or remix of the original.

The series kicked off with IAmKyami who reworked Zayn’s ‘Borders’. Explaining her choice of song and the process, she states:

“I decided to switch up the narrative of a very popular song – Borders by Zayn…I decided I wanted to go down the more singer songwriter route with this one and bash out a power ballad. I think the final outcome is something I can be proud of but more importantly, I’m proud of the message I’m sending with this work; the BLM movement isn’t just a trend or a fad that should fade with time. It’s a literal matter of life or death for many and we need to prioritize change and government reform for a better future”

Listen to the song below:


Little Grace x Tee reworked Black Eyes Peas’ ‘Where Is The Love?’ as part of the LIMF Academy’s SONGS OF EQUALITY series.

Little Grace said:

“I remember first hearing ‘Where Is The Love?’ when I was about 9; it was the first time I checked my privilege. I felt the empowerment, and the need for togetherness. The fact that the original track holds weight still to this day gives reason for a remix with revisited lyrics. We just hope that the people who hear this know that we stand with the black communities around the globe, and our future and past generations can be made aware of the atrocities that systematic racism has allowed by the hand of the British empire”.

Tee says:

“This is one of those songs where when it first came out, it was massive, but I don’t think the lyrics truly came across as powerful as they were because they were presented in a ‘pop song.’ So for me its always been a song that has the potential for the power in it to always be brought out. The reason why I think it was worth picking, was because even though this song came out in 2003, it is scarily relevant today. I’m hoping that this time around, because of the way the world is at the moment, this time we are actually on the cusp of real change”.

Listen to the song below:

Artist and Producer LUNA reworks John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ as part of the LIMF Academy’s SONGS OF EQUALITY series.

LUNA states:

“When it comes to songs about equality, Imagine is one of the first to spring to mind. The vocal melody is so powerful, it acts as a useful tool to deliver a strong message. So, I changed the lyrics of ‘Imagine’ to be more relevant to now – highlighting the Black Lives Matter movement, and the global fight for justice and equality. I didn’t want to distract away from this message, so the arrangement is simple, leaving vocals as the main focus.”

Listen to the song below: