We understand that you may have a lot of questions about the Liverpool Football Club Victory Parade. To help you with planning your day, whether you are watching the parade or not, we have put together some frequently asked questions below.

Don’t worry if your question isn’t detailed, you can still talk to us direct with any questions you may have via our social media, email or telephone.

What is the Liverpool Football Club Parade for?

This parade is to celebrate Liverpool Football Club winning the FA Cup and, dependant on the outcome, could potentially include the Champions League silverware being paraded. And it’s not just about the men’s team. In a historic first, the parade will also include Liverpool FC Women who clinched the FA Women’s Championship trophy last month.

The Champions League title holders will not be confirmed until Saturday 28th May. However due to the major logistics behind an event of this scale, the city council have announced the route to ensure residents and businesses in the city can prepare for the potential event.

Why have Liverpool City Council announced a parade now?

As Liverpool could potentially be the Champions League Champions, as well as the FA Cup title holders, there is an extremely limited time when a league victory parade could take place. Therefore, we are announcing the parade in advance so that we can plan for the event.

Who is paying for the parade?

The full costs of the parade will be met by Liverpool Football Club.

What are the planned times for the parade?

The parade is planned to start at 4pm and it is expected to last for a number of hours. We cannot predict the end time of the event and request that the public / businesses take this into account.

Please note the Strand will be closed northbound on 29th May from Leeds Street / Old Hall Street junction to Blundell Street junction from 7.00am or until it is safe to re-open.

The southbound lane will be closed from approx. 1.00pm, again subject to crowd safety requirements.

The closures for Allerton Maze, Queen’s Drive, Millbank, West Derby Road (outward bound), Erskine Street, Islington, Hunter Street and Leeds Street will not go in until the parade approaches unless the size of the crowd at any point causes a safety concern.

West Derby Road city bound will also be closed from Sheil Road at 4pm until the conclusion of the parade in this area.

How can I find out where the bus is?

Social media channels for LFC on @LFCHELP on Twitter, Liverpool City Council on @LpoolCouncil on Twitter and Culture Liverpool on @CultureLpool on Twitter will all have live updates.

A live tracker following the bus is available on the NRB website here.

Who can attend?

Everyone, the parade is free for everyone to watch.

Please be advised though, if you are bringing young children to the event, that prams can be difficult to navigate in the crowds. Also, due to large crowds, anyone requiring walking assistance is advised that there will not be seating.

We advise that you watch the parade close to your home and walk to any specific areas you wish to view the parade.

Are there road closures?

As a consequence of the event and in the interests of public safety, there will be a number of roads closed (as stated above) to allow the route to proceed. The route itself and roads directly off the main route will be closed for the minimum length of time to allow safe passage of the bus and spectators. These rolling closures have been designed to allow the minimum length of road closures that is possible. General pedestrian access will be maintained at all times. Traffic orders are in place to support these measures.

We strongly advise anyone wishing to view the parade to do so close to your home and walk rather than drive as there are a number of road closures throughout the day and we expect extremely large crowd numbers.

All closures will be signed and staffed. Where at all possible access will be maintained for residents/businesses.

Please remember, the Rocket will NOT be a pedestrianised route – you will NOT be able to follow the bus as it goes over the flyover.

Where should I watch the parade for the best view?

The parade bus will be visible along a pre-planned route in Liverpool (the map is available online – route information further up these FAQs). There is a map of the route that can be downloaded showing the full route from the Culture Liverpool website here.

It will not be possible to follow the full length of the parade route – we strongly advise you plan ahead and view the parade from as close to your home as possible.

There is no viewing area that is more preferable than others – there will be animation along the entire route.

I want to attend, how do I get there?

  • In the interests of public safety, there will be a number of roads closures in place (as stated above) to allow the Parade to proceed.
  • Walk or cycle if you can.
  • We strongly advise that you pre-plan your journey.
  • If you are using public transport, check direct with transport operators and www.merseytravel.gov.uk for detailed information on bus, rail, Mersey Ferries and Mersey Tunnels.
  • Plan your journey in advance to ensure you can get where you are going to go and how you get home again.
  • Check before you travel – Sunday timetables are in place and there will be some changes to services.
  • Consider your options – The transport network is expected to be very busy before and after the parade
  • Leave more time for your journeys – Services will be much busier, there may be queues and you may not make the service you planned to. Bus services may take longer due to rolling road closures.
  • Buy travel tickets in advance and online if you can – this will speed up your journey and help you avoid queues
  • Don’t aim for the last train home – services will be extremely busy
  • Be patient – large crowds are expected, and it is impossible to predict how long it will take the team bus to travel along the route. This will also impact on when road closures will be lifted and affected bus routes can get back to normal.
  • If you are planning to visit the city centre but do not intend to watch the Parade, consider making a trip to the city centre on an alternative day.
  • Decide which part of the route you want to attend and arrive in plenty of time.

Will there be changes to public transport operating times?

We strongly advise that you pre-plan your journey and check www.merseytravel.gov.uk  and direct with transport operators for detailed information on bus, rail, Mersey Ferries and Mersey Tunnels. Plan ahead to ensure you can get to the parade and home again.

If you have to travel, use public transport wherever possible, but consider that trains and buses will be running to a Sunday timetable with some rail services affected by engineering works, and bus services will be disrupted as a result of parade road closures. Check before you travel.

If you live along or close to the route, stay local and walk or cycle. This means you can avoid a busy transport network.

We strongly advise against bringing vehicles into the city centre on Sunday 29th May as vehicle movements in and out of the city centre will be significantly impacted. If bringing a vehicle into the city centre is unavoidable, then give yourself plenty of time and expect severe delays in being able to access/egress the city centre by car.

On the Sunday, due to the size of the crowds expected, a 30-minute service will run with some changes to train times. The following stations will be closed all day:

    • Lime Street Lower Level
    • James Street
    • Green Lane
    • Bromborough Rake
    • Capenhurst
    • Northern line trains will call at Moorfields only and Wirral line trains will call at Liverpool Central only.

Passengers are advised to plan their journey in advance by visiting the Merseyrail website for timetable information. Tickets should be purchased either in advance or a return ticket on their journey to the parade. Due to sheer numbers of fans likely to travel it’s also being recommended that extra time is allowed by anyone making a journey.

While passengers are encouraged to enjoy celebrations as much as possible, Merseyrail operates a TravelSafe policy and passengers are advised that if anyone is deemed unfit to travel due to excessive alcohol consumption, they may be refused access to the Merseyrail network.

Will the parade go ahead if there is bad weather?

Yes, the parade will still go ahead as normal if it is raining. The British weather can be unpredictable, so please plan for the weather. For the enjoyment of the crowd, we ask that you please avoid using umbrellas as these can spoil the view of those behind you. If you are using an umbrella, you may be asked to take it down.

Please take the necessary precautions with sun cream, hats, sunglasses and appropriate attire for children, young people, adults and the elderly if the weather is warm.

Can I bring my dog along?

We would strongly advise against bringing any pets, other than assistance animals, to the parade. Due to the large amount of people and loud noises which can be distressing to animals.

Will there be accessible viewing?

Due to the nature of the event there will be viewing throughout the route but we are unfortunately not able to provide specific accessible viewing areas.

Will there be any toilets along the route?

There will be no toilet facilities available along the route.

Will there be parking facilities?

We strongly advise against driving to the event. Due to crowd numbers and extensive road closures we advise anyone wishing to view the parade to do so as close to your home as possible and walk to any additional areas you wish to view the parade from.

Can I bring flares to the event?

The use of flares, pyrotechnics, or anything similar is illegal and strictly prohibited at the parade event. The use of pyrotechnics poses serious risk of injury to fellow fans and serious health risks.

Any individual found carrying and bringing these items to the parade may face prosecution.

Where can I get up to date information?

Social media will be updating times and information on the day.

Please follow Liverpool City Council on Facebook and @LpoolCouncil on Twitter as well as Culture Liverpool on Facebook and @CultureLpool on Twitter.

Liverpool Football Club social media will be live from the event parade on @LFCHelp on Twitter.

There will be travel messages issued by Merseytravel on their channels – all messages regarding safety, travel and updates will be circulated on the Culture Liverpool event channel.

The Google map of the route is available to see on the Culture Liverpool website https://www.cultureliverpool.co.uk/event/lfc-victory-parade/ which features the full route in an interactive map.

I still have a question, how do I speak to someone?

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, you can get in touch with us direct and we ill be more than happy to help. You can do this in any of the following ways:

Telephone: 0151 351 0300

Email:  [email protected]

Facebook: Culture Liverpool

Twitter: @Culturelpool

Instagram: @Culture_Liverpool

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