Jah Wobble

Jah Wobble is an English bass guitarist, singer, poet and composer. He became known to a wider audience as the original bass player in Public Image Ltd (PiL) in the late 1970s and early 1980s, but left the band after two albums. Following his departure from PiL, he went on to a successful solo career, continuing to the present. In 2009, he published his autobiography, Memoirs of a Geezer. In 2012, he reunited with fellow PiL guitarist Keith Levene for Metal Box In Dub and the album Yin & Yang. In 2014 he reformed his Invaders of the Heart band. In 2015 Cherry Red records purchased JW’s 30 Hertz Label. They released the sumptuous box set ‘Redux’. In 2016 JW released ‘Everything is Nothing’ with the Invaders. The record has proved a critical and commercial success. Jah Wobble continues to tour extensively. 


Jah Wobble has always managed to surprise, delight and confound his core audience. Never following dictates of record marketing men, he provides continued creativity and invention. A fantastic aural journey through dub, world, ambient and avant-rock music, as Jah Wobble paints his entrancingly dark, textural soundscapes.

In 2008, during Liverpool’s European Capital of Culture year, his Chinese Dub commission enthralled audiences with its successful fusion of Eastern and Western music and dance.  


Little did Jah Wobble realised that this acorn project would continue to grow and thrive. The involvement with the orchestra had inspired the young members. In 2012, orchestra member – Chichi, (who was then 12), produced the music Jasmine Flower Fusion “an unprecedented mix” of Chinese folk song and HipHop for the orchestra to perform for the DaDa Festival.


Jah Wobble returned (with his band) to witness the progress of the youth orchestra in 2014, (funded by IFB) leading the evening performance with award winning songs from Chinese Dub and Jasmine Flower Fusion. 


With no surprise on the new project “Jingwei and the Ocean”,  Liverpool City Council specially commissioned Jah Wobble to write the sound track for this 12 minutes projection. Jah Wobble return to Chinatown and cements his ongoing commitment to Liverpool’s Chinese Community. ChiChi from the youth orchestra (is now 18), is included to write the Hip-Hop track ‘Putting Down The Roots’.