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Screenlife Liverpool: Lockdown Month 2

Bored yet?  Want to tell your stories?

Screenlife Liverpool in association with Institute of Creative Enterprise and Culture Liverpool are asking the city’s people to upload short videos about the realities of Month Two of lockdown!

Month Two – How’s the waist line? How’s teaching the kids? How’s your mum and dad?  Are you done with Zoom and Skype yet?  What do you make of our “New Normal”?


Over the coming weeks, we will produce a mosaic of our city’s people and the realities of Lockdown Month 2! We want to capture how people people are coping with another month of working from home, homeschooling, the  isolation, the fear, the fun, the loneliness, enjoying the sanctuary, adapting to a new environment and bracing ourselves for the realities of the new normal!

What you need to do:

Make a short film (min. 30 seconds – max. 2 minutes) showing us where you are up to.. You can use any device to make your film and there are no limits on creativity – the film can be one take or edited and please include your name at the end of the film. Feel free to use animation, stills, typography – whatever you like, but please don’t include any copyright material, e.g. music, photos. You must also get permission to share your work from anyone else who appears in your film. 

Please send your videos to [email protected] and help us tell it as it is!