“Urban Triangle” is a new dark-comedy play based on true events. It will integrate audio
interviews and music.

A showcase of the progress of this production will include a rehearsed reading of specific
scenes written by Marjorie Morgan and directed by Maria Paul.

A Q&A session will inform the future development of the script.

The evening will be of particular interest to young people from schools, colleges, university, lecturers and community leaders, members of the public who lived through
these times and have stories to share, local residents, people who lived in the area during
the era, and those who live there now, and people of any age who enjoy plays that are
entertaining, funny and communicate social history.

The play will be further developed in 2022, with a view to full production in 2023.
It is set in 1991 in Liverpool 8. The name ‘triangle’ comes for the history of the area in
Liverpool 8 that was at the core of the black community known as the “Granby Triangle”.

10 years after the uprising, the community is trying to rebuild their lives and reputation.

The story focuses on two main characters, Lynn and Howard.

Lynn has always dreamt of being a successful actor and star, whilst Howard dreams of
being a professional footballer. They are both struggling to find their identity in a world that they sometimes feel excluded from. The narrative explores the complexity of having dual heritage and making sense of who they both are and what they aspire to be.

Alongside this, the narrative celebrates their ambitions and secret dreams of achieving
their goals. Both have faced similar challenges of rejection, racism and prejudices that
they have had to confront on their journey.

On the fringe of the community are the activists Maria O’Reilly, Linda Freeman, Josie
Burger and Veronica Mulrooney who relentlessly challenge the institution to build better
opportunities for the young people in the area.

Event Date: Thursday 28th October 2021

Location: Granby Winter Garden, Assemble Studios, 37 & 39 Cairns Street, L8 2UW

Categories: Accessible event | Arts | Free | Liverpool | Ticketed

Contact Details: Nwoko Arts, Tel: 07368 535 842

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