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Urban Canvas Pavement Art

Did you know that pavement art has been around for centuries?

Urban Canvas Pavement Art

In cities just like Liverpool around the world there is a long tradition of decorating the pavement with colourful chalks and pastels which dates back to the 16th century!

Today, Urban Canvas keep this tradition alive in the form of their visual artworks and during the International Mersey River Festival so can you! Whether it’s running riot in colour or sparking your first creative flare the Urban Canvas pavement art workshops are free for all ages to take part.

When you’ve finished your masterpiece, don’t forget to share it with us online – you’ll never look at the pavement in the same light again!

Time: Sunday 25 June 2017: 12.00noon – 5.00pm

Event Date: Sunday 25th June – Sunday 25th June 2017

LOCATION: mann island, liverpool
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Culture Liverpool, Tel: 0151 233 2008

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