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The Augmented Reality Trail – JINGWEI and PIGGY’S BIG JOURNEY

The Augmented Reality Trail – JINGWEI and PIGGY’S BIG JOURNEY

This magical augmented reality trail takes you through Liverpool’s Chinatown.  You follow the map and look for the little red signs that are magical and come to life and play a film when you scan them.  Each film is another moment in Jingwei and Piggy’s big journey from the East to the West – all the way to Liverpool!

Before you start your journey you will need to download the ROAR application (it is free).  See the map below and find the signs.   The first sign is at the Museum of Liverpool or on the front of one of the trail’s postcards.

Follow the instructions on each sign, here are the instructions:

Watch the trailer here:


View all of the videos below:











The augmented trail has been commissioned by Culture Liverpool, Liverpool City Council. Created by First Take, Pagoda Arts and Illuminos. It is written and directed by Lynne Harwood, features Zilan Liao with the Chinese Youth Orchestra, animation by Illuminos and music by Jah Wobble and Pagoda’s emerging young musicians.

Event Date: Saturday 2nd February – Sunday 31st March 2019


Location: Liverpool, UK

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