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Pelican of London

Unique among Square Riggers, the Pelican's hull was derived from the elite French clippers of the late 19th century complete with flared bow, fine entry and run.

Pelican of London

Originally built in 1946, her conversion from Arctic trawler to tall ship was completed in 2007 and she now travels thousands of miles each year as a sailing ship for people of all ages.

She cruises under sail at 10+ knots and her unique Mainmast Barquentine (Xebec/Polacre) sail plan enables her to sail to windward much better than  other similar ships.

She carries 15 tonnes of fuel and 12 tonnes of water AND has two water makers capable of producing 3 and 6 tons of fresh water per day. Her range under engine alone is in the region of 1500 nm at an economical speed of ~7 knots.  Her sewage treatment plant allows her to visit the most environmentally sensitive areas of the world.

Pelican has approval under the MCA Large Commercial Yacht Code to carry up to 40 on board  including a maximum of 12 passengers.

  • Opening Times: Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 June: Open all day 

Event Date: Saturday 24th June – Sunday 25th June 2017

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