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Pelican of London

Pelican of London

Formerly an Arctic fishing trawler and then a coastal trading vessel, Pelican of London was transformed in to a sail training ship in 2007.

She is unique among square riggers in that her sleek hull form comes from the speedy greyhound clippers of the 19th century, giving her a real turn of speed. A long poop deck was added later.

Meanwhile her barquentine rig and sail plan is derived from the Barbary Coast pirate ships.

Name: Pelican of London

Class: A

Nationality: UK

Year built: 1948

Home port: Weymouth

Rig: Barquentine 3

Height: 21.20m

Length: 34.60m

Entered by: Adventure Under Sail Ltd

Number of trainees: 32

Number of permanent crew: 7

Event Date: Friday 25th May – Monday 28th May 2018

LOCATION: Albert Dock
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