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Over the Moon with Professor Andy Newsam

Over the Moon with Professor Andy Newsam

The Moon is our closest neighbour, but the cosmos stretches out beyond it to unimaginable distances. Come along for a tour of the universe, starting with the familiar sights of the moon and night sky, but heading out to the farthest reaches of space and time. Taking in stars, galaxies, black holes and more, you will also discover some of the mysteries of the universe that we have not yet solved, and how we around going about searching for answers.

Andy is Professor of Astronomy Education and Engagement at Liverpool John Moores University and Director of the National Schools’ Observatory.

When: Friday 25 May
Time: 20.30– 21.30
Location: Liverpool Cathedral

Event Date: Friday 25th May – Friday 25th May 2018

LOCATION: Liverpool Cathedral
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#Liverpool2018 | Arts | Liverpool

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