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Music for the Mind & Soul

Music for the Mind & Soul

1pm Start
Free Admission (free priority admission available through Eventbrite)

Balu Raguraman – violin

Subartha Raguraman – veena

M Balachandar – mridangam

Kousic Sen – table

Two of the most beautiful stringed instruments in Indian music, the violin and the veena, are given a rhythmic heartbeat by rich percussion in this extraordinary Jugalbandhi performance.

Balu Raguraman is an immensely gifted and unique musician. He is a talented performer, teacher and composer. He is arguably one of the most professional solo violin artistes and accompanist in the UK. His bowing and fingering techniques are consistently met with excitement, interest and approval. He continues to teach and nurture budding artistes, and is passionate about educating and inspiring aspiring violinists in the UK. He started learning the violin at the age of six, going on to win a number of prestigious awards and accolades, such as Best Violinist. He has not only learnt from the most eminent gurus but has, and continues to regularly perform with them.

Subathra Raguraman is one of the finest of the Vainikas and has been performing for the last fifteen years carving a distinctive style of her own that is powerful, soothing, and mellifluous. Born into a family where music is first nature, Subathra is heir to the inundating talent and melody that characterizes Gayaki bani. Recognized as a musician and a teacher of great repute, Subathra has been constantly evolving and refining her musical repertoire, developing and nurturing her own style of veena playing.

Joining Balu and Subartha are percussion masters M Balachandar and Kousic Sen. Balachandar is an artist whose intuitive playing of the Mridangam is unrivalled. He has accompanied some of the best performers in Indian music and brings a unique energy to his playing. Kousic Sen is a tabla player like no other. His rhythmic mastery lifts concerts to new heights and he is one of the most sought after accompanist in the world today.

This concert will begin with solos from Balu and Subartha with a simple mridangam accompaniment, before building to a stunning crescendo in the second half as all the musicians come together stage to seamlessly weave together their individual sounds.

Event Date: Saturday 30th June – Saturday 30th June 2018

LOCATION: Capstone Theatre, Liverpool Hope University Creative Campus, 17 Shaw Street, Liverpool, L6 1HP
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Milapfest, Tel: 0151 291 3578

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