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LightNight Ritual 2019- The Ritual of Sharing Food

The ritual of breaking bread with friends and family is very important as it not only nourishes us both physically and emotionally but it draws people together.

LightNight Ritual 2019- The Ritual of Sharing Food

Sharing plates of food gives everyone the chance to taste something new, bringing people together in a new shared experience. How food is presented is also very important in how we experience it, the rituals surrounding the meal and the company at the table with us.

During LightNight 2019 our exhibition ‘New Makers’ will be running and is on until 8th June 2019, featuring work by recent graduates and newly emerging designer makers.
Recent graduate Natalie Moon, an exhibitor in New Makers will be here at 18.30 to talk about her contemporary ceramics that challenge our perception of ‘the plate’ and how it is used. Natalie uses her beautiful ceramics to enhance and reinterpret the ritual sharing of food, by creating separate components that can be used in various different ways, making it an interactive experience where the user decides the function and the set.

At 18.45 we will also be joined by Peter Kinsella, chef and owner of Lunya and Lunyalita, the fabulous Catalonian Deli, restaurant and bar in Manchester and Liverpool. Peter will share his passion for Catalonian and Spanish food with us, and show us how he makes his delicious pinchos- small snacks that are typically served in Spanish bars -perfect for sharing.

Event Date: Friday 17th May – Friday 17th May 2019

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Kate Moult, Tel: 0151 7094014

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