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Journeys through the Tate collection

Journeys through the Tate collection

Explore more than 80 works from the Tate collection for free.

This display of art from the Tate collection considers the impact of the global movement of people on artists and art movements throughout the twentieth century and beyond. On display are works that explore themes of migration, colonialism, and international exchange, and how they are relevant to the history of Liverpool.

Visitors can expect to see works by artists including Anish Kapoor, Sonia Boyce, Chen Zhen, Ellen Gallagher, György Kepes and Piet Mondrian.

Highlights include Hew Locke’s Armada 2019, a large-scale flotilla of boats and rafts suspended from the ceiling. The sailing vessels hold complex and multiple meetings, symbolic of colonial and post-colonial power as well as the artist’s own movement to and from Guyana as a child. Also on display is Mona Hatoum’s Measures of Distance 1988 which speaks of exile, disorientation, and a tremendous sense of loss the artist experienced as a result of separation caused by the war in Lebanon.

By exploring works like these, and how they resonate with local and global history, we can consider the relationship between Liverpool and the world that it looks out on.

Event Date: Tuesday 15th February – Tuesday 11th February 2025

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Olivia Pattison, Tel: 0151 702 7441

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