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Future World of Work

Future World of Work

In The Future of Work, commissioned artists will create a ‘series of provocations’ addressing the question – with A.I. set to take up to half of human jobs in the next two decades, what does that mean for society?

By 2040 it’s estimated that half the jobs humans now do won’t exist anymore.

So, as we sit here, phone in hand, in the midst of an increasingly connected world and one where traditional roles are being overtaken by A.I, perhaps it’s time to ponder the question – what does that mean for society?

Taking place during June and July, The Future of Work is being commissioned to coincide with two important work-related events being held in the city.

June’s International Business Festival, whose patron is the Duke of Cambridge, is the world’s biggest business event, with nine sector-themed days including sustainable energy, future transport and creative industries.

Meanwhile the UNI Global union will bring its fifth World Congress, and thousands of delegates, to ACC Liverpool at the same time. The organisation represents more than 20 million workers from over 900 unions worldwide.

Against this backdrop, The Future of Work will feature a host of cultural responses in a series of commissions by Liverpool’s FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) which celebrates its 15th birthday in its Wood Street home during 2018.

The organisation has already undertaken research around working life, and The Future of Work will consider a range of themes looking at how we might contribute to society in the coming decades.

What is the future of work and society going to be as we become ‘post-human’?

Commissioned artists will work with a range of real employers to create what are being called a ‘series of provocations’.

In addition, a strand of work every day at the International Business Festival will focus on these big questions.

And the event will also create a platform beyond 2018, thinking about what the digital world means for our citizens and putting Liverpool at the heart of this important conversation.

Event Date: Tuesday 1st May – Tuesday 31st July 2018

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