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Cowherd & The Weaver Girl

Cowherd & The Weaver Girl

Cowherder and The Weaver Girl depicts scenes from the mythological story around which the Chinese Festival, Qixi is based.

Designed to look like you are stepping into a giant pop up children’s book, this installation  depicts a scene from the mythological story around which the Chinese festival, Qixi is based.

The installation invites friends, families and lovers to step into a giant pop up story book to become a feature in the narrative, where a flock of magpies form a bridge to reunite a family split between heaven and Earth.

Qixi falls on 14th August which is  Chinese Valentines Day – a chance to celebrate love, culture, friendship and community.

(Production team: LB in collaboration with We Make Art Work, Urban Workbench, Joe Murphy, Kendo & Bobby & Andy)

Cowheard and Weaver Girl has been commissioned by Culture Liverpool and supported by Arts Council England.

Photographer: Amy Heycock

Event Date: Saturday 14th August – Saturday 28th August 2021

LOCATION: China Town

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