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Beyond #MeToo – WoWFest 2018

Beyond #MeToo – WoWFest 2018

The #MeToo campaign has brought the invasion of women’s bodies to the forefront of our consciousness, that is undeniable. But are we at risk of forgetting that the control of women’s bodies is globally systematic, and that the brutality that control promotes isn’t just sexual? Can women today regain control of their bodies or is the power & entitlement of male dominance just too deep-rooted?

Vanessa Olorenshaw is the author of Liberating Motherhood, Birthing the Purple stockings Movement (September 2016, Womancraft). She is a mother of two, feminist activist, public speaker and breastfeeding counsellor. She speaks and writes about maternal feminism and motherhood.

Claire Heuchan, a Black radical feminist from Scotland, is the award winning blogger Sister Outrider. She is an essayist and feminist theorist, her work exploring themes of power, identity, and liberation politics. On top of blogging as Sister Outrider, Claire has essays featured in a growing range of books – including the feminist anthology Nasty Women. Claire is currently writing her first book for children in collaboration with Nikesh Shukla: What is Race? Who are Racists? Why Does Skin Colour Matter? And Other Big Questions.

Winnie M. Li is a writer, producer, and activist. Taiwanese-American and raised in New Jersey, Winnie lectures on film studies and film production, and has spoken at Harvard University, Trinity College Dublin and the London School of Economics. She is based in London and her debut novel, Dark Chapter won the Not The Booker Prize in 2017.

Hibo Wardere is a Somalian-born campaigner against female genital mutilation (FGM), author, and public speaker. As a teenager, she moved to London to flee the Somali Civil War. She currently works as a mediator and a regular FGM educator for Waltham Forest Borough. Her testimonials and campaigning work have appeared in publications, including the Telegraph, the BBC and The Guardian. Hibo published her memoir Cut: One Woman’s Fight against FGM in Britain Today in 2016.

Maggie O’Carroll is responsible for the overall strategic development of The Women’s Organisation and has recently led the creation of a £5.3m International Centre for Women’s Enterprise Development in Liverpool. Maggie is actively involved in female economic development policy influencing on an international, national and regional basis and is Chair of the UK Women’s Enterprise Policy Group and a member of the Women’s Budget Group. She is a regular contributor to conferences in the UK, and aboard, on issues relating to women’s education, employment, entrepreneurship and social enterprise.

In Partnership with The Women’s Organisation

Event Date: Wednesday 9th May – Wednesday 9th May 2018

LOCATION: The Women's Organisation, 54 St James St, Liverpool L1 0AB, UK
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