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Aurin Girls’ Choir

Aurin Girls’ Choir

The Aurin Girls’ Choir was founded in September 1998 from the girls over 14 years of the Miraculum Children’s Choir of the Kodály School. The founder and director of the choir is László Durányik. The most outstanding achievement of the predecessor children’s choir was the winning of the 18th Béla Bartók International Choir Competition in Debrecen, and also the first place at the 52nd International Choir Competition in Llangollen, England in 1998.

The aim of the girl’s choir is to organically integrate in the „blood circulation” of the Hungarian choirs, to participate successfully at concerts both in Hungary and abroad, as well as to take part in international choir competitions and to make recordings. This choir intends to represent worthily Kecskemét, the native town of Zoltán Kodály. It is also one of their aims to become active participants of the musical life of their hometown, Kecskemét. They want to play an important role in the cultural life of this town, and thus continue and complete their activity up till now. It is among their most important tasks to promote the traditions of Hungarian culture, to bring up young people who are dedicated to choir singing, thus interpret and accept both classical and modern choir literature. The choir intends to enlarge its repertory from renaissance music to 20th century choral works, emphasising especially the pieces by Kodály, Bartók, Bárdos and Kocsár.

Performance Times:

  • Sunday 25 June: 1.30pm – 2.00pm

Event Date: Sunday 25th June – Sunday 25th June 2017


Location: Salthouse Quay, Albert Dock

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Contact Details

Kodály School, Kecskemét , Tel: +36 76 508821

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