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A beautiful wooden schooner built by hand in Spain in the early 1980s, and one of the few of its kind still in operation anywhere in the world.

Painted a vivid scarlet and inspired by schooners of the 19th century, the two-masted Atyla is a multilingual ship which plies the ocean waves throughout the summer months offering exciting experiences to sailors of all levels, and winters at the Maritime Museum in Bilbao.

Name: Atyla

Class: B

Nationality: Vanuatu

Year built: 1984

Rig: Staysail Schooner 2

Height: 26.50m

Length: 24.28m

Entered by: Atyla Foundation

Number of trainees: 15

Number of permanent crew: 9

Event Date: Friday 25th May – Monday 28th May 2018

LOCATION: Albert Dock
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