Double Sextet

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In 2009 Double Sextet won the Pultzer Prize for music as “a major work that displays an ability to channel an initial burst of energy into a large­scale musical event, built with masterful control and consistently intriguing to the ear.”

“This is a richly deserved award to a man who may be America’s greatest living composer,”(Anne Midgette, chief classical music critic of the Washington Post)

“He helped teach the world to listen to music in a new way. Also, it’s music that has touched every other kind of music, from rock and jazz to hip­hop. He is a universal composer.” (Tim Page, professor of journalism and music at the University of Southern California also former Pulitzer winner for music criticism)

“our greatest living composer” (The New York Times)

“America’s greatest living composer.” (The Village VOICE)

“the most original musical thinker of our time” (The New Yorker)

“among the great composers of the century” (The New York Times)

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