Cooking at Home

Changing Habits: Cooking at Home

The City of Liverpool is home to one of the highest thriving independent food scenes to currently grace the earth.

It would perhaps, then, be forgivable to think that such leading businesses and head chefs in the industry will have been rocked by the ongoing coronavirus epidemic.

However, with true Scouse grit and determination, many of our favourite feeding stations and food innovators are embracing the challenge – and, in doing so, they are sharing recipes which are sure to put the love in your tummy, during a time when we all need to be embracing home comforts.

Below are just a few recipes you can try making at home. Time to grab your apron and embrace your inner chef!


Born in 2014 and now occupying four restaurants in Liverpool, Maray is a living example of how quick the city’s independent scene has risen in recent times. They pride their reputation on serving small plates inspired by the flavours of the Middle East alongside great cocktails and wine.

The above video, which is a recipe for Maray’s signature “Disco Cauli” dish, was produced by The Guide Liverpool ahead of last year’s Albert Dock Food Festival. However, there is also a hilarious (yet, educational) Disco Cauli video, featuring Co-Owner of Maray, James, and Richie from A Girl & A Gay in the Gym.

Aside from that, the team have also produced lockdown cookery video recipes for falafel and hummus, while you’ll also see cocktail recipe videos on their Facebook page if you are feeling extra adventurous!


Another restaurant born in 2014, Mowgli is based over two sites in Bold Street and Water Street, and is yet again an embodiment of Liverpool’s fast-rising independent food scene. This food haven was created out of a desire to serve the kind of food that Indians eat at home and on their streets.

The above video is a quick snapshot of how to make Angry Bird Tandoori Chicken, while there are also a mixture of in-depth and snapshot video recipes for Maa’s Lamb Chops, Gin and Tonic Salmon, Wild Garlic Meatball Curry, Easy Chicken Korma and Sticky “Stay at Home” Chicken.

Our tastebuds are tingling at the thought of these amazing recipes! Hopefully, it wont be long until we can enjoy some of them in one (or both) of Mowgli’s burgeoning establishments. Until then, you can keep following their recipes via the Mowgli Street Food Facebook page.

Fritto Italian Street Food

Born in 2015 out of a desire to combine food with social change, Fritto Italian Street Food is a flourishing social enterprise which offers culinary workshops, in between tending market stalls and pop-up events.

The above video is a tutorial on how to make the famous Roman style pizza at home with your domestic oven. In addition to this, there is a whole host of baking recipes on Fritto Italian Street Food Facebook Page, including a mouth-watering Focaccia Genovese video tutorial.

Silk Rd

Silk Rd is a truly unique concept inspired by an ancient network of trade routes, that for centuries brought together regions from the Pacific through to the Med. The team bring to life the food, drinks and soul that can be found along these fantastic ancient routes.

Renowned for their flavour-packed Tapas and Meze delights, the above video from Silk Rd gives you the chance to make their delectable Forest Chicken dish at home.

As is the case with so many other eateries across the city region, we hope it’s sooner rather than later that we get to dine in with them. Until then though, you can follow recipes via all four of their restaurants on Facebook; Silk Rd Liverpool, Silk Road Hope Street, Silk Rd Heswall and Silk Rd Bramhall.

Chef Ellis Barrie (Barrie Bros)

Liverpool-born chef, Ellis Barrie, forms one half of sibling-ran business, Barrie Bros, responsible for outlets such as The Marram Grass, The Fat Pig Company and their upcoming hometown restaurant, Lerpwl.

In the above video, you will see him whipping up a tasty mayonnaise, which you can learn to make as an accompaniment to a sandwich, wrap, burger or any meal of your choice really! Follow Ellis on Facebook to learn more delicious recipes at home.

Chef Dave Critchley (Lu Ban Restaurant)

Dave Critchley is Executive Head Chef at popular Liverpool restaurant, Lu Ban, which has built a high standing in the city’s booming food scene through serving delicious dishes inspired by the region of Tianjin. He is also the brains behind LIDS: Liverpool Independent Delivered Services, which is a group of amazing local independent suppliers that has been set up to help people and businesses alike during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The above recipe is a step-by-step guide on how to make the most amazing Chinese-style pork belly in the comfort of your own home. Follow Dave on Facebook for more tasty top tips. Or read our Business Heroes feature to find out more about LIDS.

The above are just a few hints of inspiration to help you in the kitchen during this tricky time. Perhaps you have more that you want to share with us? If so, get in touch with us via email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, for your chance to be featured.

Don’t have the ingredients? Or maybe you just prefer to leave it to the professionals? Support a local business and get some amazing food delivered to your door! Search The Guide Liverpool’s local delivery directory to discover a world of foodie goodness.