Albert the Bear’s First Blog Post!

Albert writes from our #Liverpool2018 Clipper Yacht

Albert the Bear’s First Blog Post!

by Culture Liverpool

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Today is a very special day ladies and gents, as I’m bringing in a very special guest writer for the Skipper’s Report. I don’t normally do this type of thing as clearly my own musings and thoughts are always far more entertaining and poetically informative; however, I feel compelled to give my special guest the platform he deserves.

…Albert the Bear!

“Hi guys, it’s me Albert the Bear!

Thanks so much for helping me get aboard Liverpool 2018 and sending me on the journey of a lifetime. So far, I’ve had an amazing experience with Cap’n Lance and his crew. They’re the best guys and girls to sail with and I’ve learnt so much from them. Obviously, I’ve been getting myself into lots of great positions on the boat to do my two favourite things; eat honey and take selfies. This is a bit hard though as I always have to stay clipped on and remember to follow the golden rule of one paw for me and one paw for the boat. I need a third paw for my honey. I think now is a great time to really delve into the psyche of the man who is running this ship. Cap’n Lance appears to be a man who…”

Right, well that’s all the time that Albert the Bear has for us so a big thanks to him and to Culture Liverpool for sending him along with us. We’ll keep you updated on his arrival in Punta del Este and remember to look out for his selfies on our blog.

Find out more about Albert’s experience and read more blogs over at Clipper!



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