Business Heroes: Belzan

Business Heroes: Belzan

Smithdown Road’s Belzan has gained a truly impressive reputation since opening in 2017. With their normal restaurant business closed for the foreseeable future, they have recently opened Belzan Deli & Wine instead.

One of the services offered is a meal kit pack – where Belzan will give you all of the ingredients for three of their most popular meals and a recipe card on what you need to do to prepare them at home. As they say, they will do all the hard, messy bits – all they can’t do is the dishes afterwards!

You can grab some of the favourites made by Belzan, including aioli, cauliflower butter, rhubarb crumble and sauces. There are also of meat and vegetables on offer, all locally sourced and top quality. You can buy these individually or, for the vegetables, a mixed box which will have a changing range of ingredients each week.

And of course, there is a fantastic selection of Belzan’s wines as well as take-out coffees and juices. It’s open for collections from Thursday to Saturday and sold out in its first week so to get your order in, take a look here.