Application for Culture Liverpool Casual Posts

Culture Liverpool are looking to recruit, through a pool of casual workers, a number of short term roles in order to deliver our annual programme of events. If you are interested in being part of this casual pool please complete the application form online. Types of roles are included in the form and vary from event to event.

If successful, you will be contacted by a member of our team via email about specific roles relating to your suitability as they become available. Good luck!

Application for Culture Liverpool Casual Posts

1. Role Details

2a. Personal Details

2b. Contact Information

2c. Driving License

3a. Current / Most Recent Employment / Contract Details

3b. Employment/Contract History

4a. Education / Training History

4b. Current Membership of Professional Bodies

5. Source

6. Experience and Achievements

Maximum upload size: 516MB

7. References

Please give the name, address and occupation of two organisations for which you have performed similar work and that we may approach for references, where appropriate, one of which should be your current or most recent employer. If you have a reason for the Council to let you know before contact is made, please specify. Wherever possible, Liverpool City Council or an Officer of Liverpool City Council should not be named as a referee.

8. Criminal Convictions

If yes, please detail offence(s) including date(s) and sentence(s) where relevant, in a sealed envelope, marked confidential and take along to interview if successful.

9. Emergency Contact Details

10. Declaration