Adrian Mejia: VIDA In The Time Of Corona

I was encouraged to apply for this commission by Many Hands One Heart. My piece is a mini documentary that details my personal experience as a gay asylum seeker. Before the UK went into lockdown I began displaying symptoms of the virus but received little support. My documentary tells of my frustrations around lack of government policies, how I was harassed by other asylum seekers in my accommodation building because they were scared of my symptoms and how I relied on the generosity of local people to help me with food deliveries and other suppliers. Here is my story.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

 About Adrian

Adrian Mejia

Adrian is a gay asylum seeker from El Salvador and has been in Liverpool for over two years now. He is still in the process of getting refugee status, currently waiting on an answer from the upper tribunal. Since arriving in the city, he has become actively involved in different events through Many Hands One Heart (a LGBT asylum support group), Crisis Merseyside and Earth Moves, delivering performances, producing shows and creating short videos for charities as a volunteer.

Instagram: @xrthurjoestar

Youtube: Arthur Joestar