Excerpts: A Series of Readings

Excerpts: A Series of Readings

Since lockdown began, we have been fortunate enough to collaborate with Liverpool Libraries and Information Services on promoting key services – from the FREE Read Liverpool platform (including Top Picks from the team and Top Picks for Kids) to the history-laden Liverpool Record Office archives.

Due to the team’s great enthusiasm in helping us to shine a spotlight on such key services, we thought it would be fun to ask them to read excerpts from their favourite books.

To our sheer delight, the team have accepted our request and will be presenting you with a series of readings from the world of literature and beyond in the coming weeks – all in an effort to help people discover different things to read at home.

So, gather round (or grab your earphones!) and get ready to listen to members of our wonderful Libraries and Information Services team, as they present you with their chosen excerpts. Here’s two to kick us off…

Baptism for Eva Grace Nicol – Maria Isakova-Bennett

Our first featured reading comes from Liverpool Record Office Archivist, Jan Grace, who has chosen a poem from Crosby-based poet, Maria Isakova-Bennett, entitled Baptism for Eva Grace Nicol. While the multi-talented Maria is is also a skilled artist, she is primarily heralded for her visually-evocative and emotionally-rich poetry, which is sampled in the below video.

Far from the Madding Crowd – Thomas Hardy

Our second featured reading comes from Alison Cassidy, who works in Liverpool Central Library’s bustling Enquire department. Alison has chosen an excerpt from Thomas Hardy’s fourth novel and first widely revered literary work, Far from the Madding Crowd, which is available on Read Liverpool.