Cinema, Memory and Wellbeing

To help keep people entertained during this difficult period of lockdown, when many of us are missing social contact with friends and family, the University of Liverpool has created a “Cinema, Memory and Wellbeing” Facebook page, featuring short clips of all kinds of films from earlier decades. This page is aimed particularly at people in care homes, carers and older people – including those living with dementia – who are socially isolating. It is easy to access – you don’t need a Facebook account and simply need to click on – or copy -the following link:

Here you will find, organised into a range of ‘Workshops’, sets of short film clips which the University thinks will trigger positive memories for you, together with some questions aimed at stimulating the sharing of reminiscences. Even if you are at home alone, you can tell us about your memories by writing them in the ‘comments’ boxes underneath each clip. Each Monday the University will add another set of film clips, and these will remain there for you to look at any time.

Please take a look and let the team know, by email or via the Facebook page itself, what other kinds of clips you would like to see or if we can support you in any way to use the workshop material.